• nice tour when I want to visit Bali , I was thinking where I should visit. but after reading the package tour owned Bali Gaori I find a tour that suits my visit . I am happy with the services provided , and I want you also experience the way I feel

  • Wonderful and Fruitful The trip to Bali was amazing, especially that Bali Gaori Tours guides are very friendly and take you to wonderful places with very good prices. I will gladly choose them for my next vacation in Bali !!!

    Nadim C
  • Amazing service from very kind and fair guy We came to Bali without any idea of local tour guides, and we investigated a lot via internet and with the help of maaany flyers and leaflets we collected at the Airport Denpasar. We tested three tour guides - one from the hotel beach in Nusa Dua and two from the flyers, among them Gede from Bali Gaori Tour. After our day trip with Gede, we decided to go for him exclusively. He was very kind and gave us lots of valuable information about our trip and beyond. Additionally, we returned earlier than expected and he calculated the costs of the real time used instead of the booked time. This impressed us a lot - very fair! Besides, he always gave recommendations about Bali, trips and people. We even saved money as he brought nice Sarongs for temples along and told us how to avoid pushy "temple guards" at Besakih. Summary: - Amazing tour guide - Valuable information and recommendations - Great value-for-money - Very fair and polite - Our 100% recommendations for tours in Bali

  • Excellent service from a guy name Sueragoloh. A friend of mine recommended Suragoloh to me back in March of 2015. Suagoloh will give you excellent service, on time, and good recommendation on places where you should go in Bali.

  • Bali tour and experience. Gede, is an amazing host to his beautiful country. We traveled to Bali with our Son (13) and he treated us like family. Gede, toured us to many exciting destinations such as exotic waterfalls, volcano's, monkey forest, white water rafting and snorkling. No need for any other tours, Gede will cater to your requests and make your trip an unforgettable experience at an affordable price.

    Dan C
  • Perfect! Upon arrival in Bali we collected some leaflets in the airport. Coincidentally we came across Bali Gaori Tours. Our driver, or better our guide, Gede, did a wonderful job! Next time we visit Bali, we hope Gede is available to show us around!

  • Excelent guide! We booked 2 tours with Gede. First one is the sunrise and the second atv+rafting. All were perfect. Thank you Gede for excellent organization.

  • Tour and Taxi services from Bali Ayodya Nusa Dua Hotel My son visited Bali two weeks before we went and recommended Gede to be contacted. We arranged date and time at the hotel prior to reaching there. Gede was there on time and took us to the palces of interest, shopping massage etc. He is very professional and speaks good english and he can be contacted very easily if you decode to go other places and value for money. Next day we decided to go to uluwutu temple and other places and he sent one of his drivers at the hotel. They are very nice people and reliable company. Next time if I am in Bali he will be booked from UK on the way to Australia stop over Bali. I would recommend his services which are accommodating and flexible and always caring and smiling face and his tour company does many tours some are bespoke into your own designed tours of what you like to do. Great guy!! I must say!!

  • Two day tour was perfect. Gede with Bali Gaori tour was a great guide. He was patient and waited as we ate dinners, explored beaches along with spending 3 hours at a spa. I would highly recommend this tour group as Gede speaks proficient English and has a vast knowledge of the history behind the hindu temples as well as the popular tourist destinations. Both the programs we experienced were well thought out and fun! I would recommend for young couples or those looking for adventure, the snorkeling trip in Nusa Dua with a visit to turtle island. Also the BBJ 15 tour which visited Ubud art precinct, the Monkey Forest, The Royal Family temple, a coffee plantation in Tanah Lot and the grand Tanah Lot temple with a sunset dinner over the seascape. Gede is a safe driver which is important as traffic can be chaotic in Bali. Also his mastery of messenger applications like Line, Whatsapp and WeChat meant that I could quickly and efficiently communicate with our guide over WeChat. This was necessary as we did not have appropriate sim cards to make local calls. I consider Gede a phenomenal host and overall a genuine fellow. Please consider the multitude of tours Bali Gaori offers, you will become immersed in Balinese culture and be delighted by well-prepared adventure activities.

    Isabel M
  • Great Service by Gede The business is run by Gede and his partner. Gede picked us up at 3am for the dolphin and day tour. Damage was 690,000 rupiah per person. Gede is patient and all smiles. We never felt rushed and indicated when we wanted to leave when we want to. He responds to email enquiries in English (very promptly I must add)! He even dropped us an email in the morning asking if we were awake! He drives safely and we were comfortable enough to fall asleep in his car most of the time. He acceded to our request for durians and took us to a roadside warong for some. He is honest and we felt very at ease with him. He is also a good person and took his friend along with us. He explained that his friend is special and jobless and Gede asks him along so he has something to do. Support a local businessman who is doing an honest days' work. He has a website too!

    Brandon O

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