• Bali Gaori Tour We spent 4 days with Bali Gaori Tour visiting a lot of amazing places on Bali. Our driver-guide Mr Melon was a professional man. He recommended us really nice places being helpful and responsible.

    Dorota W
  • Mr Melon is the Best Me and my friend just used Bali Gaoring tours for a day trip to Ubud Monkey Forest, ocean walker, wood carving, a temple, basket weaving, waterfall, rice terrace lunch, and baring dance. Mr Melon is an awesome guide who really knows his stuff and is genuinely happy to show you around and tell you about things and answer your random questions. We liked him so much we booked the volcano hike on the spot- we're doing that tonight. Only thing I would say is be careful of buying at the places they take you too, for example the wood carving, it is very nice and good quality but the next day we found the same exact stuff in town for much cheaper. Other than that 10/10 would do again

    Becca B
  • Monkey Forest, etc.. We went with Mr. Melon to a bunch of destinations for our first all day trip in Bali. He was informative, friendly, patient, and polite. We did not get one hint of disingenuousness in our interactions with him, although we did not know a lot about Indonesian culture and customs. He was happy to educate us and ask us questions about our own country in return. He gladly took photos for us (quite good ones, too - he has a talent) and plenty of them!! Its nice to be on vacation with someone who is catching all of those special moments (candid or posed) that you just cant get in a "selfie" with your travelling companions. He never exhausted sharing information with us, even though we were with him ALL DAY and took quite some time shopping. He was fun, entertaining, and the best you could ask for in a tour guide. We were so pleased that we booked a second tour and requested him specifically. P.S. I was horrified afyer reading teviews of the Monkey Forest in Ubud, and as a nervous nelly, please believe it is not NEARLY what it sounds like. Yes, you should respect that they are wild animals, but they are not waiting around corners to pounce and steal or viciously attack you as some reviews may make you believe. Those people must have acted like idiots if they were attacked! The moneys were quite goofy and placid. Mr. Melon stayed right at my side and explained that these monkeys were raised around humans and tourists their whole lives, they are not same as animals in the pure wild. A beautiful experience all in all and a day we will remember forever.

  • Two excellent days tour with Mr. Kaka We found Bali Gaori tours by a leaflet on the airport and we booked two unforgettable tours during our holidays. The tours combine many activities and sightseeings which was very helpful especially if you have few days for searching Bali's heritages. For both tours we were lucky to have Mr. Kaka for guide who was very polite and punctual. We also enjoyed a lot our conversation regarding the Balinese culture and tradition. Finally he helped us ,as many time as we asked,with our photos..Highly recommended!!!

    A?????? ?
  • The best! Had a great time! Chose this company from a dozen others when they took brochures at the airport. Very glad that they chose this company. Our guide was called Augustus. He always came at a fixed time. Showed and told us many interesting places. We will necessarily return to Bali. Best regards!

  • Bali Island Tour Picked up this brochure at the airport, glad we did. Our tour guide Agus was awesome, not only taking us to places on tour but a few others as well. We were taught a lot about the customs and religions of the Balanese people, very informative. Had a great day and to finish it of a great meal. Highly recommend giving them a try.

    Kevin R
  • Highly recommend We picked up a leaflet at the airport and booked the tour towards the end of our holiday. I wish we had used them sooner. We chose this company because of the trip advisor reviews and they did not disappoint. Our guide Kaka was very friendly, pleasant and easy to be around. The best thing was the private taxi- we used a different company earlier in the holiday which was an overcrowded shared bus; big mistake as my partner is 6'6" and was very uncomfortable! With a private taxi you can go at your own pace and even stop off for extras if you want to, no waiting around for other people. Monkey forest was absolutely brilliant and so was the rafting, we can't decide which we liked best. Went for coffee, also really good. We saw 2 x temples and had sunset dinner, but we were quite tired by then so didn't stay too long which was great having the flexibility to head back when we wanted. Also have to mention that the price was all in, inc all activities and two full meals- excellent value compared to others we looked at. Thank you Kaka for the lovely memories.

  • BBJ21 all day experience Superb!!! We went for a day trip with Mr. Kaka, excellent driver, very friendly and knowledgeable. Told us all about our experiences and Bali. Thank you from Justyna & Jarek

    Justyna K
  • More than happy It was our first time in Bali and our first tour , so we've been more than lucky to met Mr Kaka. We had lots of questions about Bali and Indonesia, Mr Kaka was always willing to answer to all of them. He was very patient with us and didn't hesitate at all to help us. We're young girls so we did lots of pictures and he's been very supportive to help us to catch those special moment. We've spend a long day with each other , however he was all the time in a good mood and shared his knowledge. He's been very polite , friendly and in time . All in all I can happily recommend him to everyone who wants an unforgettable time in Bali.

    Beri B
  • Best Tour Guide Mr. Kaka!! It was our first Tour here in Bali and I can say it was the best one !! We got lucky to have Mr. Kaka as our driver. He made our day special and super interesting.. We got to know Bali/Indonesia due Mr. Kakas knowledge. He could answer all our curios questions + he impressed us with his kindness and patient. I’m sure it isn’t easy being 11 hours with two young girls I highly recommend to ask for Mr. Kaka! :))


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